Protein molecules "Zoo"

Small protein 1CRN (327 atoms as "32"-spheres).

Nice 2HAC with two helices (PDB with H atoms).

4INS insulin (808 atoms).

Myoglobin 1MBN (1260 atoms).

Myoglobin Clipping demo. The top of the protein is cropped to reveal the inside. Myoglobin - heme interaction.

1GBV Hemoglobin a big model with 4556 atoms.

2m4j 40-residue beta-amyloid fibril derived from Alzheimer's disease brain.

1CGD collagen.

6VAK 22781 atoms (ribbons only). 4CR2 80139 atoms PDB. Be patient it may take up to 2 Min to download. "PDB format files are not available for large structures"

Coronavirus 5X29, 6CRV and 3I6G proteins.

For comments see SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) 3D model from (one more corona virus).
A few more 3D models: Microbiology 3D Models, Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 [15/03/2020] ITA, Influenza Virus, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Antibody. Really all these models (1-3M triangles) are too heavy for my Go.

PDBs from Library of 3-D Molecular Structures ( DNA, palmitic. Ice. Carbons: Fullerene, graphite and diamond (Si, Ge).

Carbon nanotubes and Water diffusion in nanotubes.

We need a lot of spheres to render protein molecules in the van der Waals or "ball and line" modes. 4k instanced Spheres with 92 vertexes are nice, but too heavy for Oculus Go. Spheres with 32 vertexes. "32 sphere" is made from dodecahedron by subdivision of every pentagon faces by 5 triangles (one new central vertex is added). "92 sphere" is made from truncated icosahedron by similar subdivision. Spheres with 12 vertexes (just icosahedrons really :) are fast and suits well for "ball and line" mode. See also WebGL interactive polyhedra and "Sphere 92".

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