Ring W. Lardner Sr.
On-Line Writings


A complete home page for the great American writer Ring Lardner (Sr.) (1885-1933) can be found at Scott Topping's Lardermania (if it's not up, please write to urge him to put it back online or mirror it elsewhere). Here we present some of his writings that are in the public domain (i.e., first published before 1923):

  1. You Know Me Al, 1914, 1916
  2. Gullible's Travels, Etc., 1917, 1925
  3. The Big Town, 1920
  4. "My Roomy", 1914
  5. "Horseshoes", 1914
  6. "Alibi Ike", 1915
  7. "Harmony", 1915
  8. "The Golden Honeymoon", 1922

The short story "The Haircut" can also be found on the WWW, but since it was first published in 1925 we are not confident we can legally link to it.

Please don't confuse Ring W. Lardner (Sr.) with his son the writer Ring Lardner Jr.