A Connection Between Elvis and Aliens from Outer Space??

  I recently attempted to access the Elvis Homepage, and finding it not
there was a shock. After some news that has been floating around, I was
doing some reasearch on the first person to photograph Elvis, and have
met with a dead end every where I go. Now this may not seem odd to you,
but please, read on:
  I do not know how familiar you are with the Roswell Incident, or Area
51, but this has been an event from 1947 that has never been allowed to
die. What allegedly happened is a UFO reportedly crashed in Roswell New
Mexico, near White Sands. The government seems to have been involved in
a 47 year coverup of this incident. They flew in a photographer to film
the autopsies of the reputedly four aliens on this UFO. This photographer
is reported to be the same man that took the first photo of Elvis, hence
why I was researching. The name is alleged to be Barret, not sure of the
  In recent weeks, it has been reported that this photgrapher witheld
some of the film, and recently  sold it to a man named
Ray Scintilli. Why? Well, it appears that Mr. Scintilli came to the
United States to speak with this photographer about doing a documentary
about Elvis. In turn, this photographer also decided to turn over the
autopsy film to Mr. Scintilli.  After researching this photographer , Mr. Scintilli is planning on
releasing this controversial film to the public on August 28th, 1995.
  I have found it quite interesting that you recieved this letter, and
wondered if you had, in fact, checked to see if this person is real, and
indeed represents Elvis... just some food for thought.
  Secondly, I was curious to hear about the "person filming the 
documentary" that was mentioned on the Web page. If you would so desire, 
I have several text files relating to this that I would be more than 
happy to forward to you.  One of them, that I found the most fascinating, 
is a conference on Compuserve with Mr. Scintilli where he mentions this 
photographer, and his desire to remain anonymous and why.
  I am very interested in researching this photographer, and find out if
he is even still alive, as reported. Any insight that you may have, I
would much appreciate your help.
  BTW, Ray Scintilli has already shown some of these autopsy images on
French and German television, and he currently resides in the UK.
Please feel free to check paragon.com.uk, this is allegedly the Web page
for Ray Scintilli, and where the film is being sold. If you are
interested in more pointers, let me know. This Web Page existed for
about a week, and has recently become empty, and almost always

Thank you for your time and attention.

Can you help this man in his quest for knowledge? E-mail him at: fantasia@pretend.com
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