Deep Throat's Comments about the Upcoming Elvis Convention

I couldn't believe how much people like ELVIS until lastnight, I met 
these older ladies and they almost cried when they heard he was gonna 
show up!

I thought I was in the twilight zone! I don't know what these people do 
all day!  They talk about elvis, this ladies house was an ELVIS SHRINE I 
swear she had more pictures of Elvis on her wall than she did her family.

Oh ya, I also got a schedule of events sitting here in front of me that
outline all the events that are gonna take place throughout the event

Its got everything from Street Dances to Elvis Movie Day to The Elvis
Golf Challenge to Elvis Parade! Now thats CRAZY!

One more thing - The film crew that is gonna do the documentary zeroed
in on this event pretty quick, I hear its a pretty professional crew
that managed to secure all the rights for the event. The major TV
companies didn't here it on time and lost out on being able to do it.

So I imagine this is pretty big as far as a convention for a Rock
and Roll star goes--Even for a dead one!

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