What some of you have had to say about The King:

He was, he is, and he will allways be the KING of Rock en Roll. Even in Holland that's how we think about him.

I'm a former Elvis impersonator.

Elvis there is no need of hiding. I know I saw you up Cains River fishing for black salmon!

Elvis needs boats, Elvis needs boats, Elvis Elvis Elvis Elvis Elvis needs boats!

Saw Big E in Joyner Library at East Carolina University, NC

This is wonderful. I never believed all the hype about the information superhighway, but this is a genuinely essential service!

I saw Elvis last night. He was behind me in line at the Gas&Sip. We ate a couple of Slim-Jims and had a nice chat.

Elvis is alive, and he is living in Norway

heipihei elvis eldd...kai

We admire you, Elvis. Please, return to our planet.

Greeting's to all the Elvis fans from a big Elvis fan downunder. and remember ELVIS IS THE GREATEST!!!!

Hallo kids, I am an Elvis fan since my dad gave me an Elvis record for christmas. Now i am 23 and still committed. I travelled to gracelan 5 years ago. It was a spiritual experience. bernd; regensburg, germany

I am a distant cousin to Elvis. I love Elvis and I love this home page!

Hi! I am a fan of Elvis Presley. I live in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Greetings from Adelaide, South Australia. I think the King would have approved of this page.

I am a walking talking breathing Elvis fanatic. Pictures of the King adorn the walls of my apartment, and I drive a 1962 Cadillac in honor of the King of Rock n Roll.

My apartment in Austin was the site of the Shrine of The Velvet Elvis. I'm glad to see someone is keeping the traditions alive.

Elvis the BEST !!!! ...from ITALY

I have a TCB tatoo!!! Anyone else have one?

Myself & two friends were the last people to be let into Graceland on his birthday for the vigil at his grave. We didn't know what to expect as we were not believers, but as soon as we got near the grave we all felt it. Incredible.

The Mumbillies dig the Elvis pages. Hosanna to Elvis.

I'm an italian boy very interested in music. I like very much Elvis and i think that these pages are great!! Thank You.

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and this is my first time on the web. I am really quite excited to find the Elvis Pages on the web. I am 23 years old and have a lot of friends in Canada who really like Elvis and I will be sure to tell them of the Elvis Pages.This is a really good thing that you have. I will no longer be "Indescribably Blue" thinking that I am the only Elvis fan.

All we know in Germany about Elvis is that he was a fat guy.

I am doing a project on Elvis and these pages have given me more information than I can handle. The pages are wonderful. Please add more. How can anyone get enough Elvis? As long as we continue to toss the King around and mock him for all that he is worth then Elvis shall live. Long live Elvis and the Elvis pages. Thanks and keep up the good work. Remember it is tackiness that counts.

Hello! I'm originally from France living in State since 1978, My biggest regret is to never see Elvis a live! I never been to Graceland and even I'm tempted I don't want to go because I just like to keep in my mind and my heart Elvis alive! even I 'm in State I keep Elvis alive the same way when I was in France he was far away! I heard the first time Elvis when I was 13 year old I got 50 right now and I still love him as the same!

I live in Edinburgh in Scotland and Elvis is loved there !

My fraternity (well, we don't call it that over here in Sweden) are having an Elvis theme week soon! University of Lund, Sweden

i know Elvis is alive but i can not tell you why.

I am from Egypt & I have been listening to Elvis for the past 5 years, and you know what, I love Elvis more and more everyday. Elvis, Thank you for all the happy moments you've given me.

I saw Elvis in Cocoa Beach, FL.

I have saw him. I saw him in last week in the top of the mountain Kenia committing some jogafly with his Sudanise guru. The King seemed to be in good health - he is lost weight about 200 lbs - but he was still to be in reconized shape. And voice was still there!! The King told me that he will make come back in next January 'cos Michael Jackson who took his little daughter.

This site is a religious experience.

Elvis was and still is the King of Rock and Roll. But more importantly he was a gentle, caring man who unfortunately got caught up in all the hoopla of fame. If you take the time to listen to his music, especially in the beginning, you realize the depth of his character. Now he is teaching the angels to sing!!

Almost as good as the Elvis shrine at The Point, Little Five Points,Atlanta - at whose altar I have already worshipped

greetings from winnipeg, manitoba......canada, eh

I love Elvis... I did Elvis in Dolly Parton's show...I'm a stand up comic...I'm know as "THE KING" of comedy

Helle elsker Elvis

greetings from an Elvis fan in Holland.

There's been a rumour that Elvis has been sighted somewhere in Eastern Ontario. I don't know if it is true...but I'll keep my eyes open when I'm in that neck of the woods.

Elvis is livin' the fine life down here in the Louisiana bayous....

Elvis was that you at the Red Sox game last year?

An ELVIS fan since 1955.

No one beside, no one above...

Que la musica de Elvis viva para siempre

I got married at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Vegas--stayed at the Aladdin (where Elvis & 'cilla were married)--wedding song: "The Wonder of You"--The Elvis Home Page is wonderful

I saw Elvis in the 7-11 last night... he was fighting with Jim Morrison and Ghandi for the last jelly doghnut.

Seriously though, it's nice to see all the Elvis resources on the net... I work closely with an Elvis impersonator (ranked #2 in the state of Tennessee)

Elvis!!..he was really a man with gods.

I don't know what this is, 'cause I'm new to internet.

Virtual Elvis is pretty cool, but nothing like Elvis in the flesh !

Libertyland, our theme park here in Memphis (yes, I'm a Memphodite) that features the Zippin' Pippin, one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the country and Elvis' favorite ride. He'd rent the park and ride the coaster over and over, standing up sometimes and forcing his entourage to do the same.

He's ALIVE!!! Living in Syracuse NY.

From: beethoven@vienna.aus (Beethoven)--Ach De Lieber!!! Vat a great mann dis here Elvas. He ist der mann! So I cannot hear a ting. So wat? Da voiz of der Elvas ringz true in my head.

Andrea-Really enjoyed your page. I grew up in Tupelo, MS about two miles from Elvis' birthplace and enjoy reading the latest on him. Keep up the good work.

Quentin Tarantino says there are two types of people: Elvis people and Beatles people. Elvis people can like the Beatles, and vice versa. But in life, you're one or the other. I'd characterize myself as a Beatles person, but I love Elvis, too. Just thought I'd pass that along.

I'm just a begginer on Internet navigation, but I'm enjoying the rock sites. I was just a moment ago on a Zappa's site in Holland, and now, I don't know very well how, I'm on a Elvis site on the University of North Carolina (Is this the magic of Internet?) and all that from my room in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. That's incredible but true!! I'd hope everybody in the world could experience it!! Health, money and love...

elvis lives on even in Bangladesh!!!!!

Our High School is called ELVHS - Earl L. Vandermeulen H. S. in Port Jefferson NY

Hello from Stockholm

Fantastique cette page sur le King. Merci d'immortaliser Elvis sur l'internet (Quebec, Canada)

Good work! tears to my eyes. Oh, wait, it's an eyelash.

Did you ever have a wedgie in those silly outfits? Is that why you always moved your mid-section? (your pelvis)


No recent Elvis sightings in the Washington area.

Elvis rulez in Norway too !! :-)

Scary, scary stuff.

Buen Trabajo. Felicidades!

Elvis was at Kwik Trip in Blue Earth, MN and recieved a speeding ticket. It was in the local court records.

I'm a 14 year old kid that lives in Allen, Texas. I go to curtis middle school and I was just browsing around the internet and I found your homepage. I was writing to you to see if you would put my name in somewhere in your article (Curtis Robinson). I enjoy what your doing keep up the good work.

Elvis married my cousin and now they are living in my basement and they have two kids, Grace and Lenerd.

As some of my fellow finns know, Elvis lives in Tampere town here in Finland. He's fine. Usually we see him at marketplace eating local delicatess, "mustamakkara".

On april the 20th is El Vez, the Mexican (or LA?) Elvis playing in a local club, the Arena, in Amsterdam.

Did you know that an electric mixer is called elvisp in swedish?

The King is alive and well in Newfoundland, Canada

I'm currently working on an Elvis quilt called "Mashed Potatoes for Elvis". I hope to finish it by the end of the summer.

I saw the face of Elvis on a 3rd century Roman Sarcophagus at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore, MD

Saludos desde San Jose ,Costa Rica. Elvis esta vivo!!!

Has anyone else noticed, while touring Gr*celand, that when you exit the house proper and go and see Vernon's office and then the raquetball court, that the raquetball court has a very, um, ATHLETIC odor? I mean, you know, that stale-bag-of-fritos-from- under-the-couch smell, that locker room smell? STOP RAMBLING! I wonder, did HE play raquetball there? Enough to have HIS odor linger long after HIS abduction? I mean, he had those cool sweatsuits and stuff... Or maybe it's a Gr*celand specialty, that they have a system to pipe the smell of THE KING IN HEAT! into a decrepit joke of a never- used raquetball court. Is it HIS sweat? Is it synthetic sweat? Is there a special job for that special someone in memphis who can REALLY sweat? If there is, what are their hours?

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