The unofficial Elvis Pages' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) version 1.0

1.  Why aren't there more sound clips and song clips of Elvis?
May I direct you to the letter? Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) demanded I remove all material copyrighted by them. My movie and music sound files were copyrighted by them, as are most utterances ever made by The King.
2. Why is there not a wider selection of pictures of Elvis, from all points in his career?
See #1.
3. What advice do you have for me? I'm using copyrighted images and sounds and films and text in my pages.
Don't. See #1. Seriously, you are taking the chance that whatever organization holds the copyright will find out and decide to take legal action against you. It was suggested that I make my site the Melvis Home Page and add a moustache to every picture. That would make it legal, because satire is covered under the law. But I was stubborn; my goal, as wayward as it may seem, was to have THE Elvis site on the Web. The point is, there are ways around it, but depending on how big the firm is that you're up against, they have their ways, too. You could always actually request permission to use the material, but my guess is that that wouldn't work in too many cases.
4. What's the deal with the one "A" in Aron?
Look, all I know is that his parents named him Elvis Aron Presley and later somebody (either Elvis or his parents or both) realized that Aron should have had 2 "A"s. Yes, his grave has the 2 "A"s. No, I don't know if he legally changed his name, if the gravemaker dude misspelled it, or if it was a request from The King himself.
5. Why aren't there any applications for Mac users to download?
Oh, but there is! Check out the Elvis in the Machine Page. The Elvis Decoder Ring is for Macs. The other two are for MS Windows.
6. What do I do with the files I've downloaded from the Elvis in the Machine Page?
Well, the applications for Windows are zipped. You need the DOS application called PKUNZIP in order to unzip (uncompress) the file. If you do a Web search for PKUNZIP from someplace like Lycos you should find PKUNZIP pretty easily.

For the Mac application, you need something called Unstuffit. You can probably find that pretty easily by doing a Lycos search, too.
7. My message in your guest book didn't go through. I couldn't download a file. That sound didn't work. Ergo, there's something wrong with your pages.
Maybe. It may also be because the Internet is not perfect. Connections are not always good. It's 1995, and even the long distance lines out of my city are actually full when I try to make a call once in a while. And SunSITE, the physical location of my pages, has a tendency to crash at random. That's probably the best explanation of something going kablooey on you. Don't bruise my ego with your accusations next time unless you have proof :).
8. Where can I find ___________ information about Elvis?
Are you absolutely positive you couldn't find it on the Elvis Links Page? Check my descriptions of all the links on that page before asking me, because 9 times out of 10, I just send people the link to that page...
9. You should have a link to the _________ page about Elvis.
See #8...

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