The Elvis Seance

How We Did It

If you wish to repeat this experiment, please be considerate. Many people may wish to contact Elvis, and we are sure he is quite busy. Please treat this information the same as you would if he were alive, and you had his email address - with respect.

We took a dinner plate with a high rim, and filled it with about a centimeter of water. We then took four pieces of tape, and placed them on the rim of the plate at the four cardinal directions. Each piece of tape had a label on it: YES, NO, ALPHA/NUM, and TRY AGAIN. Then, we took a styrofoam cup, turned it upside down, and wrote around its rim. We wrote out the alphabet and the digits 0 through 9.

Next, we went into the basement, turned out the lights, lit a candle, and began a short invocation ceremony. We passed the styrofoam cup over the candle, and then an Elvis Stamp as we called His name. Then we touched the stamp to the cup, and placed the cup upside down in the water on the plate.

We spread out evenly around the plate and began to ask questions. After each question, we would place our fingers near the cup, pointing at it, but never touching it. We would concentrate upon the question, and the cup would move (never being touched) to one of the edges of the plate. If it landed on YES or NO, which was most often the case, we considered that our answer. If it landed on ALPHA/NUM, we would check to see which letter or number on the rim of the cup was touching the rim of the plate, and considered that our answer. Sometimes, the cup would waver between two possible answers, and we considered this a multiple answer... i.e., Elvis was trying to get across a concept much too difficult to describe in the simple terms of our Ouiji Board.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, we extinguished the candle by putting the flame in the water of the plate, and turned on the lights.

This was an entirely real occurance. Some may say that it was merely static electricity from our fingers which caused the cup to move, but then why did it not move consistently, and why did it sometimes reverse direction in mid-course?

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