From Mind of the Poet Mystic

From the Mind of the Poet Mystic

(Paul L. Glaze)

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and I was one grade ahead of
Elvis when we both attended Humes High School. He was a casual 
acquaintance, not a close friend.

There is a picture of our group together in our School Annual.
I believe it was taken in 1951. This school picture was also in PhotoPlay
magazine, as well as other publications, after Elvis died.

The poem, "When Elvis Died," is my personal tribute to his memory.

When Elvis Died

I Cried When Elvis Died,
So Many Years Ago.
I Stopped And Sighed,
Just Couldn't Believe It So.

Elvis Tasted Success
Above All Possible Dreams.
A Life Tormented By Reams
Of Sad Disorderly Schemes.

He Achieved Great Wealth
And Fame Beyond Belief.
In The End His Name
Was Racked In Sorrow And Grief.

Fame And Fortune's Game,
Kings Come As They Go.
Would We Worship His Name,
If His Life Was In Flow?

Legends Are Often  Made,
By Creating Schemes.
A Drive In Deaths Parade,
Makes Paste For Hero Dreams.

Elvis Was A Great One ,
Perhaps The Greatest Of All.
A Life Too Quickly Done,
Dr. Death Made A Hasty Call..

We Need  Our Prospective,
Fantasy Goes Out Of Hand.
Thoughts Corrective,
Not A God!, Only A Great Man.

A Magician Of Song & Words
Of A Willful Way.
To History He Belongs,
His Music Will Stay And Play.

King Of Rock And Roll,
Immortality Is His Control.
His Loyal Fans Still Abide,,
We All Cried When Elvis Died !.

Elvis In R.O.T.C R.O.T.C Classes We Both Did Attend Where Boys Pretend They Are Men. With Brass And Rifles We Would Grin. We Even Got To March Now And Then. Real War Movies We Would Have To See. It Was An Important Part Of R.O.T.C. Boys Would Get Sick As They Could Be. And Lose Their Lunch In Misery. There Was Young Elvis, Along And Me Wearing The Uniforms Of R.O.T.C. They Were No Help To Him Or Me. He Wasn't Yet The Elvis Of History. I Gave Commands With Simmer And Glee. Squad Marching Orders He Would See. A Picture In Our Yearbook Of Fifty One Shows Us Kids Commanding In The Sun. If I Knew He Would Someday Sing Like Bing. To His Private Strips, I Would Quickly Cling. And He Could Be Our Sergeant Thing. The Fling Of A Kiddie Squad Leader King. This Was When Humming Yo-Yo's Were Quivering In Style. Good Music Was Soft And Mild, And Elvis Was A Child Of The Wild.
The Mystery Singer Poets Notation: (We had been out of Humes high school a few years, Old school chums names were being forgotten, but not their faces) Word Spread Thru Our Porky's Drive-In Dig A Humes High School Boy Was Singing Big, They Said That Elvis Presley Was His Name. He Was Guitar Singing His Way To Fame.. I Knew Not Who This New Singer Was. His Name Was A Big Porky's Buzz. I Felt Confused And Somewhat Mad. Just Could Not Remember This Elvis Lad. Soon Humes Would Have A Football Game. We Walked Sidelines With A Macho Claim. There Was A Young Lad Strolling Around. Dressed Prancey And Fancy Like A Clown. I Felt Sorry For This Lad As I Knew He Was A Humes High Boy Like Us Too. A Crowd Was Gathering With Great Joy. They Were Bugging This Ex-Humes High Boy. Thought His Clothes Was A Source Of The Fun., This Fun Was Soon To Be Over And Done. As He Walked To Me With A Smiling Face I'd Defend To The End This Young Mans Case. He Smiled As We Shook Hands In Embrace Elvis !, They Screamed All Over The Place. I Was As Stunned As I Will Ever Be. When I Found That He Was Elvis, And I Would Be Only Me !
Porky's Drive-In Porky's Drive-In Was Our Hang Out Place. The Sands Of Time Have Left No Trace. We Grew Up And Went Our Separate Ways. Its Memory Will Remain Through Out Our Days. This Porky's Was Down On Jackson Street. One Day Elvis, Sonny Byrum, And I Did Meet. In The Back Room We Ate And Filled Our Thirst A Door Full Of Girls Was About To Burst. Elvis Asked Me If We Should Let Them In. I'd Control Them With My Strength Within. Then I Wasn't Sure That I Would Be Able As They Swarm Like Flies Around Our Table. Writing Pens, Elvis Gave To Sonny And Me. We Signed Autographs, Fast As Could Be. We Had Good Times And Elvis Thought It Funny. Most Autographs, Were By Me And Sonny. They Never Knew Our Faces Or Names Who Cares When You Play Autograph Games. These Thoughts To You I Graciously Send With Hopes They May Find A Gentle Blend Fond Memories Of Elvis And ...........The Old Porky's BBQ Drive-In.

All poetry by Paul L. Glaze

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