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Your ticket has a number printed on it, that shows the visitor count. The count is generated as the number of times that people reference the EXPO Ticket Office, but as your browser may cache the image of the ticket number, the number does not increment if you revisit the ticket office during the same session. This way it represents a more accurate count of the visitors allthough it is very easy to fool the counter (don't try it please, lets keep this working as advertised).

EXPO wishes to thank Charles Henrich (henrich@crh.cl.msu.edu) who kindly offered to run the world wide counter, a little program written by frans van hoesel (hoesel@chem.rug.nl) that generates the bitmap showing the number. Charles has a patched version of the NCSA httpd that allows you to include documents and output of programs at the server (This feature is however not used with the visitor count program).