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Although much of the material contained in this index falls under ‘fair use’ guidelines, every attempt has been made to accurately attribute sources and to gain permission for use.  Please be aware that material contained in the index has been used with permission from copyright holders, and that the original copyright holder must be contacted for any reuse of material therein.  If I have inadvertently neglected to attribute, credit or secure permission for use of any material in the Fiddler’s Companion, or if an attribution or permission is adjudged inaccurate or incorrect, please contact me immediately to discuss and rectify the situation.


Limited, selected information from the Fiddler’s Companion may be used for non-commercial purposes provided that material directly quoted is indicated with quotation marks followed by the attribution: (Kuntz, Andrew. Fiddler’s Companion Material used in paraphrase should receive a similar courtesy attribution. Commercial use of the material is by arrangement with the author. If there are any questions or concerns about use of material, please contact me, and thank you.