A Byte of Python

Appendix A. Free/Libré and Open Source Software (FLOSS)

FLOSS is based on the concept of a community, which itself is based on the concept of sharing, and particularly the sharing of knowledge. FLOSS are free for usage, modification and redistribution.

If you have already read this book, then you are familiar with FLOSS as well since you have been using Python all along!

If you want to know more about FLOSS, you can explore the following list. I have listed some big FLOSS as well as those FLOSS which are cross-platform (i.e. work on Linux, Windows, etc.) so that you can try using these software without the need to switch to Linux immediately although you eventually will ;-)

This list is just intended to give you a brief idea - there are many more excellent FLOSS out there, such as the Perl language, PHP language, Drupal content management system for websites, PostgreSQL database server, TORCS racing game, KDevelop IDE, Anjuta IDE, Xine - the movie player, VIM editor, Quanta+ editor, XMMS audio player, GIMP image editing program, ... this list could go on forever.

Visit the following websites for more information on FLOSS:

To get the latest buzz in the FLOSS world, check out the following websites:

So, go ahead and explore the vast, free and open world of FLOSS!