Gamelan Nyai Saraswati

Gamelan Nyai Saraswati is an ensemble of the Department of Music, College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


How do I listen to these recordings?

The audio files on this website are in either mp3 or Ogg Vorbis format. To listen to them you will need software that plays either of these formats. mp3 is a popular compressed audio format that is supported by a large number of audio programs including Windows Media Player, Sonique, WinAmp, and QuickTime on Windows, Audion, SoundApp, and QuickTime on Macs, and xmms and mplayer for Unix-based systems.

However, mp3 is a patented format and we suggest you use and support the free Ogg Vorbis audio format when possible. Ogg Vorbis files tend to have higher quality at the same or lower bitrate than mp3 for our gamelan recordings. Ogg Vorbis is supported by many audio players including Sonique and WinAmp on Windows, Audion and various Quicktime plugins on Macs, and xmms and mplayer for Unix-based systems. Plus, the official Vorbis software available at

We hope you enjoy the files provided on this website, and we will continue to provide you with more!

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