Gamelan Nyai Saraswati

Gamelan Nyai Saraswati is an ensemble of the Department of Music, College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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Group:  Gamelan Nyai Saraswati

Performance: 26 April 2009 "An Evening of Javanese Music and Dance"  (other performances:  7 June 2001,  8 December 2001,  18 January 2002 "Gamelan Gala",  20 March 2003,  23 November 2003 ("New Music Concert") ,  7 April 2004 "Molak-Malik" ,  21 November 2004 "World Music Concert" ,  22 April 2005 "World Music Concert" ,  13 November 2005 ,  2 April 2006 "Reinventing Black Mountain" ,  19 November 2006 ,  25 April 2007 "World Music Concert" ,  21 November 2010 "Music in the Galleries" )

An Evening of Javanese Music and Dance
Sunday, April 26, 6pm
Kenan Rehearsal Hall
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
with guest musicians
and guest artist
I. M. Harjito

The Gamelan Ensemble Nyai Saraswati is made up primarily of UNC undergraduate and graduate students, but also includes community members and friends. The members of the ensemble during the spring semester 2009 were: Alex Bumgardner, Mary Beth Fitts, Hali Garrett, Daniel Guberman, Andrew Hamlet, Hannah Harvester, Ethan Lechner, Brian Lefresne, Aaron Likness, Dan Pollitt, Jon Rea, Ben Rieth, Lily Roberts, Linda Velasco, and Leslie Willis.

Guest Artist at this concert was I. M. Harjito who is a renowned Javanese musician and composer currently on the faculty of Wesleyan and Brown Universities.

Guest Musicians: Christopher Miller, Rachel Thompson, Jessica Zike.

Available audio files (how do I listen to these recordings?):



Ladrang Jurudemung, laras sléndro pathet nem, in Yogyakarta gamelan style

Ladrang and Lancaran MIRIP


Ladrang and lancaran Mirip, laras sléndro pathet manyura, composition by I.M. Harjito



Lancaran Kandhang Bubrah, laras sléndro pathet sanga



Tari Golek Ayun-Ayun, laras pélog pathet nem
Marzanna Poplawska -- dancer

This is a female dance in the style of Yogyakarta, one of the court cities of central Java. It shows a young girl who is beautifying herself: applying make-up, adjusting her dress, combing hair, and putting on jewelry. Very elegant, graceful, smooth, and flowing movements constitute the essence of Javanese femininity.



Ladrang Santi Mulya, laras pélog pathet lima, composition by Ki Nartosabdho

Bubaran UDAN MAS


Bubaran Udan Mas, laras pélog pathet barang, customarily played at the end of a concert

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