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Revision History
Revision 1.3 February, 17th 2000 Revised by: godoy
Initial version.
Revision 1.4 June, 24th 2000 Revised by: godoy
English corrections and added some more explanation on DocBook usage. I've added CSS to my stylesheets and if you have a CSS enabled browser you'll see a lot of difference from the previous version. I've corrected and added information based on all feedback I received since the first version of it.
Revision 1.5 June, 26th 2000 Revised by: godoy
English corrections made by Horylka. Thanks.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Documents
3. Configuration needed
4. Creating and modifying catalogues
5. Tools for Document Edition Using DocBook
6. Writing with DocBook elements
7. Encoding Indexes
8. Inserting Pictures
9. Tables
10. Listings and program codes
11. Tools & Hints
12. Document samples

This document's sole purpose is to provide basic knowledge about DocBook and explain how to use DocBook to write several types of documents; not all of DocBook's functions aren't explained.

This document will emphasize how to create books, guides, and articles that will be published over the Internet.

Any suggestions, corrections and comments regarding this document can be sent to the author: Jorge Godoy.

An original copy of this document can be obtained by the copy of the files using-docbook.sgml, example-book.sgml, example-article.sgml, example-table.sgml, compiles-sgml.sgml, dsl-sample.sgml and glossary.sgml.

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