Bluegrass special

Various artists

Label:Capitol ECS 50060
Release Date:1981

Song Information:

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A-1. Rollin' in my sweet baby's armsRose Maddox
A-2. Blue moon of KentuckyRose Maddox
A-3. Foot prints in the snowRose Maddox
A-4. Molly and TenbrooksRose Maddox
A-5. Flower blooming in the wildwoodHylo Brown
A-6. When it's lamp lighting time in the valleyHylo Brown
A-7. Gathering flowers from the hillsideHylo Brown
B-1. Air Mail SpecialJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys
B-2. My little honeysuckle roseJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys
B-3. Are you missing meJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys
B-4. Corina CorinaBlue Sky Boys
B-5. Midnight specialBlue Sky Boys
B-6. Oh marry in timeBlue Sky Boys
B-7. Will the circle be unbrokenBlue Sky Boys