The country hit parade

Various artists

Label:Starday SLP 110
Release Date:1959-11
Country:United States ID: 10478980

Song Information:

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A-1. Under your spell again2:18
A-2. Old moon2:02
A-3. Family man1:55
A-4. I ain't never2:30
A-5. Johnny Reb1:16
A-6. I got stripes2:22
A-7. Black land farmer1:54
A-8. Tell me why2:16
A-9. Who shot Sam2:01
B-1. Country girl1:57
B-2. Jimmy Brown the newsboy2:05
B-3. Battle of New Orleans2:10
B-4. Soldier's joy2:20
B-5. Nothing but true love1:25
B-6. Partners2:13
B-7. Poppin' Johnny2:00
B-8. Igmoo1:51
B-9. Three bells2:27