The verdict

Jussi Syren & the Groundbreakers

Label:Bluelight BLR 3385-2
Release Date:2002
BG Unlimited:2002-12 ID: 1984944
   Google Play: Busm3xdbldfosmdr76vb2xvsffq

Song Information:

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1. The weatherman2:09
2. The verdict3:29
3. Shotgun rider2:26
4. Old Deacon Jones1:36
5. Didn't they crucify my Lord2:43
6. Sawmill blues2:43
7. A boy called lonesome2:33
8. Drivin' my life away2:51
9. Down in the wasted valley3:00
10. White River rag2:19
11. Billy Jack Washburn3:07
12. Moses smote the water2:41
13. Nothing more than just a dream2:23