Cool blue outlaws : songs of rogues, rascals and rapscallions

Various artists

Label:Sugar Hill SUG-CD 3950
Release Date:2002-06-04
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B00006830R

Song Information:

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1. BanditLonesome River Band
2. Ruby RidgePeter Rowan
3. Hollis BrownDudley Connell & Don Rigsby
4. Jailhouse bluesRonnie Bowman
5. Captain, oh captainBad Livers
6. River bottomThe Country Gentlemen 3:03
Recording Date:1981
Place:Bias Studios, Springfield, VA
Instruments:Charlie Waller-rg: Rick Allred-m/db; Kent Dowell-rhythm beat; Ed Ferris-sb
Vocals:C. Waller-L; B. Yates-B; K. Dowell-T
7. Doin' my timeAubrey Haynie
8. Willow gardenLonesome River Band
9. The ballad of Spider JohnSam Bush
10. Open pit mineThe Nashville Bluegrass Band
11. Columbus Stockade bluesDoc & Richard Watson
12. Poor Ellen SmithJim Mills
13. Philadelphia lawyerThe Seldom Scene
14. The girl in the blue velvet bandJerry Douglas & Peter Rowan
15. Blackbirds & crowsThe Nashville Bluegrass Band
16. In the gravel yardDoyle Lawson & Quicksilver