Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival : California Bluegrass Association celebrating 20 years

Various artists

Label:California Bluegrass Association 101
Release Date:1995
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Close byVern Williams
2. Blue highwayHigh Country (California)
3. I don't believe you've met my babyJoe Val & the New England Bluegrass Boys
4. Take this hammerDone Gone Band
5. Kansas City Southern SpecialBill White
6. High on a mountainGrant Street String Band
7. Grass valleyDel McCoury
9. What would you give in exchange for your soulVern & Ray
13. Blue nightGood Ol' Persons
14. Sparkling blue eyesJim Eanes
15. Sally let your bangs hang downRose Maddox
16. So long to liveSally Van Meter
18. HeavenThe Caffrey Family
19. Can't you hear me callin'Bluegrass Cardinals
20. I'm just waiting for the kingThe Weary Hearts
21. Children go where I send theeSidesaddle
22. Rattler's pupCountry Ham
23. RoanokeRay Park