Folk masters : great performances recorded live at the barns of Wolf Trap

Various artists

Label:Smithsonian Folkways CD SF 40047
Release Date:1993
Country:United States
Barcode:093074004722 ID: 6023497
   Amazon ASIN: B000001DIF

Song Information:

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1. Last goodbyeThe Johnson Mountain Boys 2:35
Recording Date:1992-04-01
Composer:Carter Stanley; Trio/Ft. Knox Music, BMI
Place:Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Tom Adams-bj; David McLaughlin-m; Eddie Stubbs-f; Earl Yager-sb
Vocals:D. Connell-L
7. Gray eagleWayne Henderson 3:43
Recording Date:1992-04-01
Place:Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA
Instruments:Wayne Henderson-g; Randy Greer-m; Tony Testerman-sb