Factories and fields

Jussi Syren & the Groundbreakers

Label:Bluelight BLR 3361-2
Release Date:1999-05-24
BG Unlimited:2000-05
   Discogs.com ID: 1981782
   Amazon ASIN: B0002N8AJS
   Google Play: Bowfggurkwd3xs75u66zevhrodi

Song Information:

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1. Darling Nellie across the sea2:46
2. Walkin' in2:14
3. Factories and fields2:34
4. Hot pot3:41
5. Golden city2:16
6. Ramblin' man2:43
7. Long, dark Tennessee nights3:15
8. Midnight winds2:21
9. Where shall I be1:59
10. We could use a little rain2:33
11. God put a rainbow in the clouds2:56
12. Jessica2:30
13. Bad news2:40