Angels rejoiced : bluegrass gospel live in Holland

Various artists

Label:Strictly Country SCR 20
Release Date:1989
BG Unlimited:1990-03 ID: 11743602
   Amazon ASIN: B013Q6U7B6

Song Information:

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1. Satan's jeweled crownJoe Val & the New England Bluegrass Boys
2. Crying holy unto the LordJoe Val & the New England Bluegrass Boys
3. The mill was made of marbleGood Ol' Persons
4. Angel bandLiz Meyer
5. I love God's way of livingWhite Mountain Bluegrass
6. Church at the foot of the hillWhite Mountain Bluegrass
7. When my time has come to goBob Paisley
8. Drifting too far from the shoreJimmy Gaudreau's Bluegrass Unit
9. When I get homeBlue Flame Stringband
10. Man in the middleTony Trischka & Skyline
11. Give me the rosesTraver Hollow
12. Talking about that old time religionWhetstone Run
13. Jesus is whispering nowWhetstone Run
14. Angels rejoiceJoe Val & the New England Bluegrass Boys
15. Swing low, sweet chariotJoe Val & the New England Bluegrass Boys