Rose of the west coast country

Rose Maddox

Label:Arhoolie 314
Release Date:1991
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B0000001FX

Song Information:

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1. Philadelphia lawyer2:39
2. Let those brown eyes smile at me2:51
3. Old black choo choo3:04
4. Single girl2:10
5. Dark as a dungeon4:05
6. This old house2:43
7. Sally let your bangs hang down2:42
8. Rusty old halo2:24
9. Dream of the miner's child3:04
10. Ashes of love2:06
11. Silver threads and golden needles1:56
12. Foggy mountain top3:17
13. Amazing grace5:05
14. Rocky Top3:05
15. When God dips his love in my heart2:42
16. I can't feel at home anymore3:13
17. Farther along3:23
18. I'll fly away2:37
19. Kneel at the cross2:27
20. Turn your radio on2:23
21. Beautiful bouquet2:50
22. Take me in the lifeboat2:32
23. Swing low sweet chariot3:02