20 bluegrass favorites. Vol. 3

The Lewis Family

Label:Benson CD 02996
Release Date:1993
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Talk about Jesus
2. Living up on the mountain
3. Jesus the way-maker
4. Child of the king
5. Satisfied
6. We will rise and shine
7. Surely I will, Lord
8. Matthew 24
9. Good time get together
10. What a Savior, what a friend
11. Joyful banjo
12. Every day will be Sunday, by and by
13. I've been sealed
14. The man of Galilee
15. Sailing, sailing
16. When He put a little sunshine in
17. I shall not be moved
18. Just as the sun went down
19. Just a rose will do
20. Five n' chimes