Oh so many years

Bailes Brothers

Label:Bear Family BCD 15973
Release Date:2002
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2003-06
County Sales:#258
   Discogs.com ID: 5916063
   Amazon ASIN: B00006NSDJ

Song Information:

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1. Drunkard's grave2:39
2. Searching for a soldier's grave2:58
3. As long as I live2:50
4. Dust on the Bible2:52
5. There's tears in my eyes all the time2:52
6. Fare thee well2:54
7. I've got my one-way ticket to the sky2:32
8. I want to be loved (but only by you)2:28
9. Down where the river bends2:55
10. I guess I'll go on dreaming2:35
11. Whiskey is the devil (in liquid form)2:51
12. Broken marriage vows2:34
13. Building on the sands2:58
14. We're living in the last days now2:46
15. You'll always be the only one2:52
16. Oh so many years2:48
17. If you have retreated from God2:52
18. Ashamed to own the blessed Savior2:56
19. Do you expect a reward from God2:29
20. Read Romans ten and nine2:37
21. Come to the Savior3:02
22. Remember me2:57
23. Has the devil got a mortgage on you2:59
24. My heart echoes2:47
25. You can't go halfway2:45
26. Pretty flowers3:00
27. Sinner kneel down & pray3:01
28. Will the angels have a sweetheart2:52