Traditional American music played by Swedes

Various artists

Label:Amerikanska No #
Release Date:2000
BG Unlimited:2000-11 ID: 9210425

Song Information:

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1. Where sweet waters flowDownhill
2. Can't you hear me callingDeliverance
3. Deep River bluesStrindberg
4. Hallelujah (I'm ready)The Weeds
5. Rock that cradle JoeHigh Note Grabbers
6. Fare thee wellCut Away
7. Go my wayKaggar Och Sugr?r
8. Rockingham CindyThe Steamboat Entertainers
9. White doveHigh On Grass
10. TennesseeThe Weeds
11. Maxwell Street bluesChico's Jugband
12. Hard timesKaggar Och Sugr?r
13. Crazy heartDownhill
14. He rode all the way to TexasCut Away
15. All night longThe Steamboat Entertainers
16. Little MaggieHigh On Grass
17. Rising sun bluesChico's Jugband
18. Long black veilDeliverance
19. Spotted ponyHigh Note Grabbers
20. Walk on boyStrindberg