White dove : the bluegrass gospel collection

Various artists

Label:Rounder 11661 0523 2
Release Date:2003
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2003-08
County Sales:#263
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   Amazon ASIN: B00009P1NQ

Song Information:

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1. Lead me onClaire Lynch 2:49
Instruments:David Grier-g; Alison Brown-bj; Sam Bush-m; Glen Duncan-f; Jerry Douglas-db; Roy Huskey, Jr.-sb
Vocals:Claire Lynch-L: Keith Little-H; Terry Eldredge-H
2. Thy burdens are greater than mineThe Lynn Morris Band 3:03
Instruments:Lynn Morris-g; Ron Stewart-bj/f; Jesse Brock-m; Marshall Wilborn-sb
Vocals:Lynn Morris-V; Marshall Wilborn-V
3. I just steal away and prayPaul Williams 3:02
Instruments:James King-g; Adam Poindexter-bj; Paul Williams-m; Jason Carter-f; Jason Moore-bs
Vocals:Paul Williams-LV/TC; James King-LC; Adam Poindexter-B
4. All prayed upJeff White 2:46
Instruments:Jeff White-g; Pete Wernick-bj; Vince Gill-m; Jeff Guernsey-finger-picked g/f; Jerry Douglas-db; Mike Bub-sb
Vocals:Jeff White-L; Vince Gill-H
5. When the angels singRhonda Vincent 3:19
Instruments:Bryan Sutton-g/m; Tom Adams-bj; Rob Ickes-reso g; Darrin Vincent-sb
Vocals:Rhonda Vincent-L; Alison Krauss-H; Darrin Sutton-H
6. Power in the bloodThe Weary Hearts 2:30
Instruments:Chris Jones-rg; Ron Block-bj/lg; Butch Baldassari-m; Mike Bub-sb
Vocals:Chris Jones-L/BS; Ron Block-T; Mike Bub-B
7. Are you afraid to die?The Nashville Bluegrass Band 2:24
Instruments:Pat Enright-g; Alan O'Bryant-bj; Mike Compton-m; Stuart Duncan-f; Mark Hembree-sb
Vocals:Mike Compton-L; Alan O'Bryant-T; Pat Enright-HB; Mark Hembree-BS
8. Wondrous loveBill Evans 3:51
Instruments:Bill Evans-bj
Vocals:Suzanne Thomas
9. How can you refuse him now?Open Road 3:30
Instruments:Bradford Lee Folk-g; Jim Runnels-bj; Caleb Roberts-m; Dan Mitchell-f; Ben O'Connor-sb
Vocals:Bradford Lee Folk-L; Jim Runnels-T; Caleb Roberts-B
10. Make him a soldierThe Whitstein Brothers 2:04
Instruments:Robert Whitstein-g; Jeff White-g; Charles Whitstein-m; Adam Steffey-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Roy Huskey, Jr.-sb
Vocals:Robert Whitstein-V; Charles Whitstein-V
11. Your heart has found a homeRon Block 3:31
Instruments:Dan Tyminski-rg; Ron Block-g; Adam Steffey-m; Alison Krauss-f; Jerry Douglas-db/lap sg; Barry Bales-sb
Vocals:Ron Block-L; Alison Krauss-T; Dan Tyminski-B
12. Standing by the bed of a neighborThe Cox Family 3:04
Instruments:Evelyn Cox-rg; Ron Block-lg; Adam Steffey-m; Barry Bales-sb
Vocals:Suzanne Cox-L; Evelyn Cox-T; Willard Cox-B
13. The seventh angelBlue Highway 4:07
Instruments:Tim Stafford-g; Jason Burleson-bj; Shawn Lane-m/f/g; Rob Ickes-db/g; Wayne Taylor-bs; [Kenny Malone-perc]
Vocals:Wayne Taylor-V; Tim Stafford-V; Shawn Lane-V; Rob Ickes-V; Alison Krauss-H
14. You don't have to go homeAlecia Nugent 3:12
Instruments:Carl Jackson-g/bj; Ronnie McCoury-m; Aubrey Haynie-f; Randy Kohrs-db; Ben Isaacs-bs
Vocals:Alecia Nugent-V
15. Wayfaring strangerTony Rice 5:21
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; Sam Bush-m; Vassar Clements-f; Jerry Douglas-db; Todd Phillips-sb
Vocals:Tony Rice-V
16. I'll not be a strangerGinny Hawker 3:04
Instruments:Tim O'Brien-g
Vocals:Tim O'Brien-L; Ginny Hawker-T; Darrell Scott-B
17. Just call on himIIIrd Tyme Out 2:06
Instruments:Russell Moore-g
Vocals:Russell Moore-V; Steve Dilling-V; Ray Deaton-V; Wayne Benson-V
18. The white doveJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys 2:20
Place:Home Place Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Jim McReynolds-g; Jesse McReynolds-m; Carl Jackson-g/bj; Jimmy Buchanan-f; Ricky Skaggs-m; Terry Smith-bs
Vocals:Jim McReynolds-V; Jesse McReynolds-V; Ricky Skaggs-V
19. Harbor of loveThe Johnson Mountain Boys 2:42
Recording Date:1993
Composer:Carter Stanley; Trio Music/Fort Knox Music, BMI
Place:Big Mo Recording Studio, Kensington, MD
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; David McLaughlin-lg
Vocals:D. Connell-LV/TC; D. McLaughlin-LC; Tom Adams-B; E. Stubbs-BS
20. The lightLaurie Lewis 3:53
Instruments:Pat Enright-g; Sam Bush-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Mark Hembree-sb
Vocals:Laurie Lewis-L; Alan O'Bryant-H; Mark Hembree-BS
21. In the palm of your handAlison Krauss & the Cox Family 3:24
Composer:Ron Block; Moonlight Canyon Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Alison Krauss-f/vla; Barry Bales-sb; Ron Block-g; Rob Ickes-db; Kenny Malone-conga
Vocals:Allison Krauss-L; Suzanne Cox-B; Sidney Cox-LT