For old time's sake : including Poison love

Johnnie & Jack

Label:Bear Family BCD 16663
Release Date:2002
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2003-08
County Sales:#262
   Amazon ASIN: B00008Y3X5

Song Information:

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1. What about you?
2. For old times sake
3. Poison love
4. I'm gonna love you one more time
5. Take my ring from your finger
6. I can't tell my heart that
7. Cryin' heart blues
8. Let your conscience be your guide
9. You tried to ruin my name
10. Ashes of love
11. Three ways of knowing
12. Heart trouble
13. The only one I ever loved I lost
14. South in New Orleans
15. Don't say goodbye if you loved me
16. I loved you better than ever you knew
17. S. O. S.
18. Oh baby mine I get so lonely
19. Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight
20. Honey, I need you
21. Kiss crazy baby
22. Beware of it
23. No one dear but you
24. We live in two different worlds
25. I want to be loved
26. Why not confess
27. I don't mean to cry
28. I never can come back to you
29. Stop the world (and let me off)
30. Lonely island pearl
31. Sailor man
32. Slow poison