Live at the Bell Buckle Caf?

Bill & Laurie Sky

Label:Bell Buckle BB 003
Release Date:1998
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1998-11
   Amazon ASIN: B0009A40C0

Song Information:

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1. The ballad of Jesse James3:00
2. Bells of St. Marys2:01
3. In the pines2:58
4. I'm goin' round this world2:38
5. Dooley2:13
6. A ballad for Pretty Boy Floyd4:14
7. I'm goin' back to Dixie2:22
8. Jealous hearted me2:54
9. He pleasured me dearly5:17
10. Wreck of the Ol' 972:40
11. Cannonball blues2:19
12. Atlanta quadrille1:29