The Gram Parsons notebook : the last whippoorwill

Various artists

Label:Shell Point 1223
Release Date:2000-06-27
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Hickory wind introCarl Jackson
2. L. A. Customs bluesCarl Jackson
3. The last whippoorwillLona Heins
4. Blurry slurry nightMike Ward
5. Cash on the barrelheadCarl Jackson
6. Barefootin'Mike Ward
7. Jesus is more than a nameEddie Cunningham
8. The buttonEddie Dunbar
9. Blessing for beingJim Lauderdale
10. Dead flowersMike Ward
11. A song for youWoody's
12. No one knows I'm lonesomeCordle, Jackson & Salley
13. Hickory windCarl Jackson