The banjo : a collector's treasury

Various artists

Label:Murray Hill S 5395
Country:United States ID: 9039019

Song Information:

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A-1. Foggy Mountain breakdownLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys 2:38
A-2. Feuding banjosEric Weissberg & Marshall Brickman 1:54
A-3. Greenback dollarDick Rosmini 1:40
A-4. 12th Street ragBob Haworth 2:20
A-5. My bluebell galDenny Wright 2:07
A-6. Toot toot tootsieDenny Wright 2:33
A-7. Banjo helloMason Williams 2:22
B-1. Goin' down thereMike Seeger 2:30
B-2. Saturday night banjoMason Williams 2:43
B-3. Banjo cantataJim McGuinn 1:01
B-4. The EntertainerBob Haworth 2:55
B-5. Alley catBob Haworth 2:32
B-6. Just ramblin' alongDenny Wright 2:57
B-7. In the evening when the sun goes downPete Seeger 2:24
C-1. Cripple CreekMike Seeger 2:30
C-2. Flop eared muleJoe Maphis 1:26
C-3. Be my honey doDenny Wright 2:53
C-4. Carolina in the morningDenny Wright 2:45
C-5. Mad Mountain medleyDavid Lindley 1:19
C-6. Joe's breakdownJoe Maphis 1:26
D-1. Third man themeBob Haworth 2:35
D-2. Tiger ragBob Haworth 1:50
D-3. Banjo workoutJoe Maphis 1:21
D-4. The Johnston boysDavid Lindley 3:06
D-5. Down in MobileDenny Wright 2:27
D-6. SwanneeDenny Wright 3:04
E-1. Bonapart's retreatErik Darling 1:41
E-2. Holston Valley breakdownMike Seeger 2:05
E-3. Movin' down the lineJim Helms 1:34
E-4. Waiting for the Robert E. LeeDenny Wright 2:45
E-5. Alabammy boundDenny Wright 2:15
E-6. Up a lazy riverBob Haworth 2:00
F-1. Temptation ragBob Haworth 1:48
F-2. Rumblin' onJim McGuinn 2:20
F-3. Hundreds of milesBilly Cheatwood 2:06
F-4. Music-music-musicBob Haworth 1:34
F-5. Basin Street blluesBob Haworth 2:36
F-6. Is it true what they say about DixieDenny Wright 2:08