Doin' my time

Jimmie Skinner

Label:Bear Family BCD 16613
Release Date:2003
Country:United States
County Sales:#263 ID: 12451465
   Amazon ASIN: B00019333Q

Song Information:

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A-1. On the wrong side of the tracks
A-2. Let's say goodbye like we said hello
A-3. Doin' my time
A-4. Dad too is lonely
A-5. Will you be satisfied that way
A-6. There won't be much more time
A-7. Tennessee border
A-8. Don't give your heart to a rambler
A-9. I'm afraid to love you anymore
A-10. If there were no you
A-11. On the wrong side of the track
A-12. You've been a little careless
A-13. There won't be much more time
A-14. Will you be satisfied that way
A-15. You're going to be on the receiving end
A-16. Capital letters (wrote your name around my heart)
A-17. Memories and a heart so sick and blue
A-18. Lula Lee
A-19. Here's my good-bye to you (answer to "Let's say go
A-20. The rambler's call
A-21. Doin' my time
A-22. I'm gonna put you in my pocket
A-23. Yesterday's winner is a loser today
A-24. You're my big baby now
A-25. Blue banjo rag
A-26. I believe I'm entitled to you
A-27. You don't know my mind
A-28. Muddy water blues
B-1. Jimmie's yodel blues (A tribute to Jimmie Rodgers)
B-2. You locked the door of my heart
B-3. You're just a rolling stone
B-4. There's no love in my heart for you now
B-5. I'd gamble my heart
B-6. There's nothin' about you special
B-7. I'm giving you no reason to forget
B-8. Who do you think you're fooling
B-9. I'm a regular daddy
B-10. It's my world
B-11. It's bargain day (in broken hearts)
B-12. The hem of His garment
B-13. Dad, too is lonely
B-14. Running out of time
B-15. Station door blues
B-16. falling rain blues
B-17. It's all the same to me
B-18. Journey's end
B-19. I can't tell my heart that
B-20. Tell them
B-21. Kentucky and you
B-22. Dreaming my weary life away
B-23. 'Tis sweet to be remembered
B-24. Send me a penny postcard
B-25. Women beware (of the ramblin' kind)
B-26. I can't believe it's our goodbye
B-27. When the book of life is read
B-28. Holy life insurance
C-1. I ain't got time
C-2. Help me find my broken heart
C-3. Your flyin' days are through
C-4. I saw your face in the crowd
C-5. Singing teacher in Heaven
C-6. Ready to go home
C-7. I've got a lot of love, baby
C-8. By degrees
C-9. I'm allergic to your kisses
C-10. Baby, I could change my ways
C-11. What a pleasure
C-12. Don't give my heart to a rambler
C-13. My broken heart's startin' to show
C-14. Too hot to handle
C-15. Don't get around much anymore
C-16. John Henry and the waterboy
C-17. Blame the right one
C-18. I don't need a doctor
C-19. Beautiful
C-20. Jesus loves us all
C-21. My heart's on a budget
C-22. Steppin' out on you
C-23. Want you to be my baby
C-24. Dime a dozen (That's what you are)
C-25. How low can you feel
C-26. I need a little lovin'
C-27. Another Saturday night
C-28. Just ramblin' on
C-29. No maybe in my baby's eyes
C-30. Hafta do somethin' 'bout that
C-31. No fault of mine
C-32. Born to be wild
D-1. We've got things in commonJimmie Skinner & Connie Hall
D-2. Where do we go from hereJimmie Skinner & Connie Hall
D-3. What makes a man wander
D-4. Where my sweet baby goes
D-5. I found my girl in the U.S.A.
D-6. I'm the girl in the U.S.A.Connie Hall
D-7. Doin' my time
D-8. On the wrong side of the track
D-9. You don't know my mind
D-10. Dark hollow
D-11. Lonesome at your tableJimmie Skinner & Connie Hall
D-12. Walkin' my blues away
D-13. When temptation smiles
D-14. John Wesley Hardin
D-15. Misery loves company
D-16. Married to a friendJimmie Skinner & Connie Hall
D-17. Riverboat gambler
D-18. Two squares away
D-19. Reasons to live
D-20. I'm a lot more lonesome now
D-21. Lonesome road blues
D-22. The hem of His garment
D-23. Careless love
D-24. God's mansion in the sky
D-25. I'll weaken and call
D-26. Big city
D-27. Please don't send Cecil away
D-28. Four walls, a floor and a ceiling
D-29. Don't let love get you down
D-30. Big city
D-31. Fallen leaves
D-32. Short life of trouble
D-33. Kentucky mountain chimes
E-1. Hobo Bill's last ride
E-2. My rough and rowdy ways
E-3. Dear old sunny South by the sea
E-4. Jimmie the kid
E-5. The soldier's sweetheart
E-6. My blue eyed Jane
E-7. Moonlight and skies
E-8. I miss the Mississippi and you
E-9. Never no mo' blues
E-10. Tuck away my blues
E-11. Somewhere down below the Mason Dixon Line
E-12. Jimmie Rodgers' last blue yodel
E-13. 100 proof heartaches
E-14. Wooden angels
E-15. I know you're married
E-16. One dead man ago
E-17. Rambler's call
E-18. Our worlds are far apart
E-19. Restless heart
E-20. You sure don't know my mind
E-21. Jimmie's theme (Mammy's lullaby)
E-22. Down the road to love
E-23. Lost lover blues
E-24. Don't say that it's too late
E-25. Ramblin' boy blues
E-26. Way down in Dixieland
E-27. John Henry
E-28. Headin' south
E-29. Six month blues
E-30. Down home blues
E-31. Doin' my time
E-32. Someone to love me always
F-1. Hamilton, Ohio 1926
F-2. A damn good night for the bums
F-3. Hard times in Indianapolis
F-4. Carla deMuir
F-5. Muscles, little rabbit and the snow-covered corpse
F-6. Writing 'Doin' my time'
F-7. Auditioning for Gennett, RCA Victor and Decca
F-8. Good old Al
F-9. Knoxville