A blue million tears

Carl Butler

Label:Bear Family BCD 16118
Release Date:2003
   Discogs.com ID: 4536889
   Amazon ASIN: B0001984KI

Song Information:

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1. The white rose
2. Plastic heart
3. The heartbreak express
4. Country mile
5. String of empties
6. You plus me
7. Shake, rattle and roll
8. No guarantee on my heart
9. Our last rendezvous
10. No trespassing
11. I live my life alone
12. Linda Lou
13. Vicious lies
14. River of love
15. A blue million tears
16. Everything will be the same
17. Stepping on my heart
18. A penny for your thoughts
19. I need you so
20. Alone without you
21. You can't insure a house of dreams
22. For fooling around
23. Crowded out
24. My heart tells me
25. So close
26. It's wrong to be jealous
27. A victim of lies
28. I just said goodbye to my dreams