Sea of changes

Jussi Syren & the Groundbreakers

Label:Bluelight BLR 33112 2
Release Date:2004
BG Unlimited:2005-03
County Sales:#272 ID: 1984970
   Amazon ASIN: B002AQA36S
   Google Play: Bmsd2a36bdadstgi3htldz5a4dy

Song Information:

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1. Sea of changes3:00
2. Some old side road2:47
3. Haulin' the logs2:44
4. Highways & gravel roads3:27
5. Man made of grass3:09
6. Simple man2:37
7. Stranger in a strange land2:23
8. The legend of Larry Thorne3:22
9. Restless3:25
10. Coal mining country2:18
11. Darkness, darkness4:14
12. Life of a steel driving man2:20
Vi-13. Life of a steel driving man2:54