The best of the Primitive Quartet

The Primitive Quartet

Label:Dawn D 81692
Release Date:1992
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B000EVFCJO

Song Information:

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1. Fallen leaves3:25
Composer:Grandpa Jones
2. Because He loved me2:58
Composer:Morris Stewart
3. The flowers we love3:35
Composer:Oral Harlan
4. When the sun of life goes down3:00
Composer:W. A. McKinney
5. My hope is in the blood2:48
Composer:Reagan Riddle
6. God has been so good to me2:54
Composer:Reagan Riddle
7. Gloryland3:51
8. Can't hardly wait2:08
Composer:Bill Carlisle
9. Go and tell Jesus on me2:21
Composer:Reagan Riddle
10. Flight without an airplane2:59
Composer:Morris Stewart
11. The only fire I'll ever feel2:36
Composer:Larry Whitehead
12. I'll never walk in the valley again3:03
Composer:Morris Stewart
13. I'll be waiting at the river for you2:59
Composer:Michael Newman
14. Send down the fire2:01
15. In the great beyond3:12
Composer:R. Reed
16. Jesus leads me home2:21
Composer:J. M. Henson
17. He is more precious than gold2:56
Composer:Violet Polk
18. The old ship of Zion3:43
19. God of all comfort2:49
Composer:Reagan Riddle
20. City four square2:16
Composer:Reagan Riddle