On the air

The Maddox Brothers & Rose

Label:Arhoolie 5028
Release Date:1983
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. A cowboy has to yell
A-2. Let me ride my pony down the sunset trail
A-3. Once I had a darling mother
A-4. Hold that critter down
A-5. I'm talking about you
A-6. I'm going to the hoedown
A-7. Small town mama
A-8. Mama please stay home with me
B-1. If you ain't got the do-re-mi
B-2. I might have known
B-3. I'll reap my harvest in heaven
B-4. Don't hang around me any more
B-5. A sinner's prayer is never answered
B-6. The girl I love don't pay me no mind
B-7. Write me, sweetheart
B-8. I'm a handy man to have around
B-9. I've rambled around