One tear / The kind of woman I got

The Osborne Brothers

Label:Decca 32052
Release Date:1966-11
Country:United States ID: 4147841 ID: 32052us

Song Information:

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A. One tear2:21
Recording Date:1965-11-22
Composer:Judy Osborne; Sure-Fire Music, BMI
Place:Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:13798 / 116770
Instruments:Sonny Osborne-bj; Bob Osborne-m; Dale Sledd-g; Wayne Moss-g/g12; Buddy Spicher-f; Lightnin' Chance-bs; Willie Ackerman-d; Pig Robbins-p
Vocals:S. Osborne-V; B. Osborne-V; D. Sledd-V
B. The kind of woman I got2:29
Recording Date:1966-09-30
Composer:Danny Walls; Sure-Fire Music, BMI
Place:Bradley's Barn, Mt. Juliet, TN
Master:14265 / 117973
Instruments:Sonny Osborne-bj; Bob Osborne-m; Benny Birchfield-g; Ray Edenton-g; Lightnin' Chance-bs; Jerry K. Carrigan-d; Hargus "Pig" Robbins-p
Vocals:S. Osborne-V; B. Osborne-V; B. Birchfield-V