Border ride

Jim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys

Label:Starday SEP 121
Release Date:1960
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Border ride2:03
Recording Date:1958-10-23
Composer:Jim McReynolds-Jesse McReynolds
Place:Jacksonville, FL
Instruments:Jim McReynolds-g; Jesse McReynolds-m; Bobby Thompson-bj; Vassar Clements-f; Don McHan-sb
A-2. Ridin' that midnight trainThe Stanley Brothers 2:00
Recording Date:1959-07-16
Composer:R.Stanley; Starday, BMI
Place:Radio Station WNER, Live Oak, FL
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Bill Napier-m; Chubby Anthony-f; Al Elliot-sb
Vocals:C. Stanley-L; R. Stanley-T
B-1. Blue SundayJim Eanes & the Shenandoah Valley Boys 2:16
Recording Date:1958-09-09
Composer:Jim Eanes; Starday Music, BMI
Place:Radio Station WHEE, Martinsville, VA
Instruments:Jim Eanes-rg; Arnold Terry-rg; Allen Shelton-bj; Roy Russell-f; Cliff Ragsdale-sb
Vocals:J. Eanes-L
B-2. Life boatCarl Story & his Rambling Mountaineers 2:13
Recording Date:1959-07-29
Place:Radio Station WFLW, Monticello, KY
Instruments:Carl Story-g; Chuck 'The Carolina Indian' Henderson-bj; Buster Moore-m; Benny Sims-f; Guy Peeler-sg; Bonnie Lee Moore-sb/g; Lloyd Bell-sb/g
Vocals:B. Moore-L; C. Story-T; B. L. Moore-A; L. Bell-B