Cabin on the hill

Various artists

Label:Starday SEP 205
Release Date:1962
Country:United States ID: sep205

Song Information:

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A-1. Cabin on the hillHylo Brown 2:25
Recording Date:1961-12-21
Place:Starday Studios, Nashville, Tenn.
Instruments:Frank 'Hylo' Brown-g; Curtis McPeak or Joseph F. 'Joe' Drumright-bj; Robert Russell 'Chubby' Wise-f; Burkett Howard 'Josh/Uncle Josh' Graves or Harold B. 'Shot' Jackson-db; Roy M. 'Junior' Huskey-sb
Vocals:F. Brown-V
A-2. Roll along JordanSam & Kirk McGee 2:15
A-3. Matthew 24The Lewis Family 1:40
B-1. In the land where we'll never grow oldBill Clifton & the Dixie Mountain Boys 1:46
B-2. He won't accept excusesThe Lonesome Pine Fiddlers 2:14
Recording Date:1961-05-24
Place:Starday Sound Studio, Madion, TN
Instruments:Melvin Goins-g; Ray Goins-bj; Curly Ray Cline-f; Ezra Cline-sb
Vocals:M. Goins-V; R. Goins-V; C. Cline-V
B-3. Will the circle be unbrokenRed Allen 2:15
Recording Date:1961-11
Place:Starday Sound Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Red Allen-rg; Frank Wakefield-m; Don Reno-bj; Robert Russell 'Chubby' Wise-f; John Palmer-sb
Vocals:R. Allen-V; F. Wakefield-V