Tone poets

Various artists

Label:Acoustic Disc ACD 62
Release Date:2005-09-06
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2006-01
County Sales:#278 ID: 3705478
   Amazon ASIN: B000AA4J1G

Song Information:

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A-1. Blue bells of ScotlandCarlo Aonzo 1:50
A-2. I thought about youMartin Taylor 3:33
A-3. Courente in D minorMike Marshall 2:37
A-4. Ananas AfricainBob Brozman 3:01
A-5. Jimmy fell off the wagonDavid Grisman 2:14
A-6. Down in the willow gardenJerry Douglas 3:10
A-7. Spring breakRadim Zenkl 2:08
A-8. Gypsy playlandFrank Vignola 2:47
A-9. Backin' playwardsFrank Wakefield 2:40
A-10. Ruben's trainJim Hurst 4:05
A-11. CherokeeTony Williamson 3:32
A-12. Improvisation no. 1John Jorgenson 3:04
A-13. Joyful variationsEvan Marshall 5:53
A-14. Original soloDavid Jacobs-Strain 2:21
A-15. Song for MeghanDavid Grisman 4:19
A-16. Ave MariaBeppe Gambetta 4:19
B-1. You are my flowerTim O'Brien & Bryan Sutton 2:41
B-2. Puerto Rican love songAndy Statman & Enrique Coria 3:08
B-3. Glen RockRonnie & Del McCoury 2:10
B-4. Lost highwayDavid Bromberg & Mitch Corbin 3:35
B-5. CochichandoEva Scow & Carlos Oliveira 2:53
B-6. Were you thereSam Bush & Jack Lawrence 2:33
B-7. F5 riddle bluesMike Seeger & Jody Stecher 3:49
B-8. Constant lowdownMike Seeger & Jody Stecher 2:56
B-9. Moonlight in VermontDon Stiernberg & John Carlini 3:51
B-10. Hattie & JenelleJoe Craven & Rob Ickes 5:47
B-11. The North ShoreJohn Reischman & Jim Nunally 3:27
B-12. Old DangerfieldJacob Jolliff & Ian Fleming 3:41
B-13. Waltz for the underworldMike Marshall & Chris Thile 4:56
B-14. The old SouthDavid Grisman & Steve Gilchrist 4:16
B-15. Blues for VassarDavid Grisman & Tony Rice 6:59