Making memories

Jay Armsworthy & Eastern Tradition

Label:No label ET-CD 1003
Release Date:2005
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2005-11
   Amazon ASIN: B000BPSTEI

Song Information:

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1. Girl behind the bar2:27
2. Big country2:34
3. Blue house painted white3:02
4. How great Thou art3:20
5. Making memories4:06
6. How you've tortured my mind2:13
7. I'm a stranger in my home3:41
8. Congratulations anyway2:33
9. Ship from the King's Harbor shore3:13
10. I'm jealous of you3:28
11. Dirty old couch and chair3:25
12. You're the only good thing2:29
13. Help me make it through the night4:20
14. Singing on Sunday2:28