Hands across the water

Various artists

Label:Compass 7-4411-2
Release Date:2005-12-20
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 4946585
   Amazon ASIN: B000A7Q21Y

Song Information:

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1. This beggar's heart5:12
2. Get through it4:34
3. Ae fond kiss4:20
4. Standing still3:38
5. Fair and tender ladies5:57
6. A man of constant sorrow3:37
7. Reasonland4:37
8. Til a tear becomes a rose2:57
9. Be still my soul4:57
10. 40 shades of green3:13
11. Part of your history4:02
12. Let's heal5:08
13. An occasional song3:09
14. Cumberland Plateau2:58
15. This world's family3:29
16. In the sweet by and by2:01