Blockbuster bluegrass

Various artists

Label:Copper Creek CCCD 6002
Release Date:2006
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Dig a hole in the meadowCurly Seckler
A-2. The bluegrass soundJack Tottle
A-3. HillsvilleJohn Lawless
A-4. Tennessee irisAcoustic Endeavors
A-5. Light at the riverThe McPeak Brothers
A-6. Shady groveKathy Kallick
A-7. Grandfather's clockE. C. Ball
A-8. Wave goodbyeBluegrass Patriots
A-9. My old Kentucky homeKazuhiro Inaba
A-10. Gently lead meGinny Hawker & Kay Justice
A-11. Half shaved yuppieMac Traynham
A-12. Sweet sunny SouthTony Ellis
A-13. Teardrops falling like rainPete Pike
A-14. Lonesome road bluesCarroll Best
A-15. Red rocking chairLaura Boosinger
A-16. I'm troubled, I'm troubledBlue Sky Boys
A-17. Say darling sayJohn Reischman & the Jaybirds
A-18. Boats up the riverJames Leva
A-19. I'll roll in my sweet baby's armsNew Roanoke Jug Band
A-20. Carolina boyJim Smoak
A-21. Don't you hear Jerusalem moanDick Kimmel & Co.
A-22. Shortenin' breadJosh McMurray
A-23. Cannonball bluesJames Alan Shelton
A-24. Ragtime AnnieThe Lost & Found
B-1. Angel bandTrey Hensley & Drivin' Force
B-2. Legend of the Johnson BoysTrey Hensley & Drivin' Force
B-3. Coal dust in my soulJames Reams & the Barnstormers
B-4. VenangoMac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
B-5. Darling Nellie GraySteve Sparkman
B-6. Swing low, sweet chariotCurly Seckler
B-7. Rain and snowJames Leva
B-8. Angeline the bakerJames Alan Shelton
B-9. Going across the seaEast Coast Bluegrass Band
B-10. Yellow rose of TexasBob Bovee & Gail Heil
B-11. God gave Noah the rainbow signThe Kathy Kallick Band
B-12. Coal Creek marchTom, Brad & Alice
B-13. Hard times come again no moreKazuhiro Inaba
B-14. Ocean of teardropsRon Spears
B-15. Road to MexicoKen Perlman
B-16. The house carpenterTom, Brad & Alice
B-17. BeautifulBill & Libby Hicks
B-18. Put my little shoes awayChris Brashear
B-19. Sugar Hill / Sally AnnBill & Libby Hicks
B-20. Poor Ellen SmithThe McPeak Brothers
B-21. Cumberland GapThe Cumberlands
B-22. Pearly gatesMichelle Nixon & Drive
B-23. Man of constant sorrowMac Traynham
B-24. Wabash CannonballRandall Hylton
B-25. East Tennessee bluesCagley, Black, Schaeffer & Njoes
B-26. Pass me notJosh Williams