Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 82

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 082
Release Date:2006-07-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Bringing in the Georgia mailSam Bush 3:57
Composer:Fred Rose; Sony-ATV Milene Music, BMI
2. Without youCarmel Sheerin & the Ravens 3:00
Composer:Danny Sheerin-Des Sheerin; Mountainside Music, BMI
3. Love in my heartFrank Solivan II 2:43
Composer:Frank Solivan II; Fiddlemon Music, BMI
4. Flat footin' TennesseeOverall Brothers 2:15
Composer:Elmer Burchett, Jr.-Shawn Camp-Shannon Lawson
5. Knoxville boyLarry Stephenson 4:24
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; Good Home Grown Music, BMI
6. Pill or potionThe Grass Cats 3:32
Composer:Russell Johnson; Red Sock Publishing, BMI
7. God's own singerThe McKendrees 2:56
Composer:Bernie Leadon; Tickson Music, BMI
8. Ain't no graveTresa Jordan 3:33
Composer:P.D., arr. Tresa Jordan
9. On the short rowsKickin' Grass 3:09
Composer:Lynda Wittig Dawson; Grandma Bea Music, BMI
10. Thank you for your blessingsThe Cockman Family 2:47
Composer:Caroline Cockman Fisher; CF Records, BMI
11. One more hillJustin Moses 3:23
Composer:Kevin McClung; Mountain William Music, BMI
12. To a doveHeather Berry 2:59
Composer:Dixie Hall; Good Home Grown Music, BMI
13. Festival time againJoe Ross 2:54
Composer:Joe Ross; Hop High Music, BMI
14. The river ran blackDavid Davis & the Warrior River Boys 4:37
Composer:Alan Johnston; Weaver of Words Music, BMI
15. Seven miles to WichitaCarrie Hassler & Hard Rain 2:44
Composer:Mark Houser-Jimmy Bilbrey-Amy Huffman; Writers in House, BMI