The first 25 years

High Country (California)

Label:Big Chicken BC 101
Release Date:2006
Country:United States
County Sales:#300

Song Information:

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A-1. Hello city limits
A-2. Blue night
A-3. I cried again
A-4. There's an old, old house
A-5. Pow-wow
A-6. Big river
A-7. Have mercy on me
A-8. Virginia waltz
A-9. Little rabbit
A-10. Cold hard rain
A-11. Dreams
A-12. I'm bringin' home good news
A-13. Lonesome midnight waltz
A-14. Where the soul of man never dies
A-15. Pain in my heart
A-16. In the city
A-17. Don't this road look rough & rocky
A-18. A lonesome highway
A-19. Blues for your own
A-20. Love is a summer road
A-21. Big Hendy Grove
A-22. Home to me
B-1. Say you only will be mine
B-2. Who's that knocking at my door?
B-3. Footprints in the snow
B-4. Battle mountain
B-5. Heaven here on Earth
B-6. Blue highway
B-7. I'll remember you love in my prayers
B-8. Arachnid
B-9. A voice on the wind
B-10. Donner Pass
B-11. My brown-eyed darlin'
B-12. Dark side of the road
B-13. Long Hollow getaway
B-14. Left here alone
B-15. The long road
B-16. Rain and snow
B-17. B.A.R.T. by night
B-18. Highway of pain
B-19. Number two express
B-20. Beyond the fields of home
B-21. Redwood country
B-22. Sunset on the prairie