Beautiful bouquet

Rose Maddox & the Vern Williams Band

Label:Arhoolie 9058
Release Date:2007-04-10
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2007-07
   Amazon ASIN: B000MM1F50

Song Information:

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1. We are climbing Jacob's ladder
Recording Date:1982-11-20
Place:Bay Records, Alameda, CA
Instruments:Vern Williams-m; Delbert Williams-g; Keith Little-bj/g; Ed Neff-f/m; Kevin Thompson-sb
Vocals:Rose Maddox-V; Vern Williams-V; Delbert Williams-V; Keith Little-V
2. Life's evening sun
3. Church in wildwood
4. When God dips His love in my heart
5. I can't feel at home
6. Farther along
7. I'll fly away
8. In the sweet by and by
9. Kneel at the cross
10. Turn your radio on
11. Beautiful bouquet
12. Take me in the lifeboat
13. If we never meet again
14. Swing low sweet chariot