Empty house

Acoustic Blue

Label:Bishop Hill 2006
Release Date:2006
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B001R0KBHE
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Song Information:

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1. Hello trouble2:43
2. Mountain memories2:30
Composer:C. E. Zink
3. Take care of them2:53
Composer:C. E. Zink
4. Head over heels2"43
5. Hillbilly3:49
Composer:C. E. Zink
6. Special occasions bottle3:09
Composer:A. B. Acker-C. E. Zink
7. We'll meet again sweetheart3:41
8. Someday you'll want me2:24
Composer:T. S. Batho
9. Empty house3:17
Composer:T. S. Batho-C. E. Zink
10. Back to the barrooms3:23
11. Cold gray light of gone4:09
12. Gonna have love2:32
13. All I can say3:10
Composer:C. E. Zink