Grass meets brass

The McCormick Brothers

Label:Metromedia MD 1019
Release Date:1969-12
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Ruby, don?t take your love to town2:38
Composer:M. Tillis
A-2. Folsom Prison blues2:40
Composer:J.R. Cash
A-3. So long, Suzie1:59
Composer:P. Craft
A-4. Games people play2:37
Composer:J. South
A-5. Family problems2:32
Composer:D. Haddock-R. Presley
A-6. Bad moon rising2:21
Composer:J. Fogerty
B-1. Working man blues2:25
Composer:M. Haggard
B-2. Release me2:05
Composer:W.S. Stevenson-E. Miller
B-3. "A" - you're adorable2:04
Composer:B. Kaye-F. Wise-S. Lippman
B-4. Jubilee Joe1:42
Composer:D. Tucker
B-5. There never was a time2:38
Composer:M. Smith-M. Lewis