Corn shuckin' time

Country Cut-ups

Label:Cumberland (Mercury) SRC 69532
Release Date:1965
Country:United States ID: 5474776

Song Information:

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A-1. Corn shuckin'2:17
A-2. Cuttin' up2:05
A-3. King of the road2:06
A-4. Please help me, I'm falling2:19
A-5. When two worlds collide2:10
Vocals:Hoyt Henry-V
B-1. Chug-a-lug1:52
Vocals:Hoyt Henry-V
B-2. Satisfied mind2:59
Vocals:Cut-Up Trio-V
B-3. Here comes my baby2:10
Vocals:Mel Larson-V
B-4. When your house is not a home2:43
Vocals:Mel Larson-V
B-5. Invitation to the blues2:15
Vocals:Mel Larson-V