On the air

Louie Setzer & the Appalachian Mountain Boys

Label:Appalachian Mountain Boys Music AMB 003
Release Date:2007
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-10

Song Information:

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1. Little old log cabin in the lane2:13
2. I bowed my head and cried again4:01
3. Eatin' out of your hand3:06
4. What made Milwaukee famous2:41
5. Think of what you've done1:50
6. Give my love to Rose4:16
7. Another place, another time3:11
8. Mary Ann4:16
9. Iron curtain3:20
10. Sunny side of the mountain2:57
11. Frauline3:08
12. Will you be lovin' another man?2:28
13. Please play the jukebox4:04
14. Pass me not oh gentle Saviour4:34
15. Tennessee2:54
16. Supper time3:14